Red Touch Media’s Kiosk solution is a comprehensive platform that delivers digital content at retail, business or event locations. Our solution is a fully automated content purchasing store contained in a touchscreen-based download station that makes it fast and easy to acquire either your content or selections from our database. We manage over 2 BILLION content files a month from movie studios, record labels, software creators and publishers. All of this content is already ingested and ready for distribution for you, using our technology platform. And the best part? Our platform is “white label.” We don’t put our branding on our software, we put yours.

Our kiosk solution is currently being used in retail locations, museums, commercial buildings, transportation systems and private government facilities to both sell or offer free promotional downloads to users.

User Experience

The graphical user interface (UI) in our kiosk software allows customers to easily select from a variety of digital content, such as music, videos, e-Books, PDFs, audiobooks or software.

Once a product has been selected, the user is taken to a screen that contains more listings for related content. At this point, the user can:

  • Preview a title
  • Add a file to their shopping cart
  • Browse by categories and filters
  • Search content by name, genres, author/artists/contributor
  • Select other products in the store

This UI provides users with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that only requires a few touches to complete a transaction. It is not a website interface or port that is transferred to a download station, but a customizable application built specifically for the touchscreen environment.


Customers can pay using traditional payment systems, such as cash, debit/credit, and e-commerce. We can also create rewards coupons, promo codes or integrate your existing membership or rewards cards into the programming. Or if you just want to distribute promotional content, transactions can be free for your users. The system is completely customizable to your needs.


Once a purchase or content acquisition has been made, content can be delivered to the user in one or more of the following ways:

  • Via email with a download link
  • Download directly from the kiosk via SD Card or USB stick
  • Smartphone App “white label” branded

Relevant Case Studies & Information

Our kiosks are currently deployed around the world in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Below are links to some case studies and additional information.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have specific questions on how our Kiosk solution can help you or your organization sell or distribute content to your audience.