Interactive Event Screens

Want to use content to connect with your event attendees? Red Touch Media’s interactive event screen solutions can use content and technology to create a memorable and intimate experience with your brand during and after your event.

Red Touch Media, a global software technology company, has been managing and distributing premium content for everyone from Hollywood studios to the music and book publishing industries for over a decade.

Our interactive content browsers and download stations give your event attendees an opportunity to have an intimate “touch” experience with your brand and content. They also enable your attendees to leave your event with relevant content that they love without having to carry bags of heavy DVDs or print literature. Anything from video and audio files to applications and PDFs can be loaded into our system for your users to engage with and download.


Our “white-label” kiosks can be customized with your branding both on the exterior of the kiosks as well as on the software interface. You won’t see our logo anywhere at your event, just yours.

Custom Content Profiles

Red Touch Media has a massive content library. We manage over 2 BILLION files a month including music, movies and eBooks, but depending on your brand and your event, you may want a custom content profile available for your guests to interact with. Depending on your needs, we can make our content library available to you, or we can populate our system with your own unique content. It’s completely up to you.

Dual Screen Experience

Our event kiosks can have a second screen attached to them. This second screen creates an additional messaging or exposure opportunity for event attendees in the vicinity of the kiosk. The second screen can do everything from play a slideshow or sizzle reel to display custom video signage based on who is using the kiosk at that moment.

Demographic Profiling

An incredibly useful yet optional feature with Red Touch Media’s interactive event screen solution is the addition of a smart camera. A camera can be embedded into the kiosk that captures data about the user. Our smart imaging technology can identity the kiosk users’ gender and approximate age and then use that information to display relevant advertising or promotional content.

Case Studies

Although they were originally designed for retail environments, our download stations have proven to be a huge hit at conferences and events of all kinds. Sony PicturesSkullcandyThe Daytime EmmysSound City and NBC Universal are just some of the partners that have used Red Touch Media’s interactive touch screen and download station solutions at events, parties and tradeshows.

The 2013 Daytime Emmys

After Daytime Emmys® guests walked the red carpet, they were escorted into a lounge filled with our interactive event screens where they could browse and download all of the Emmy nominated clips by category, actor/actress, network or show. The kiosks were later moved to the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton for the VIP after party where attendees compared videos of the winners against the other nominees.

Skullcandy at CES

What good is a new pair of headphones or speakers without something to listen to? To help show off Skullcandy‘s hardware, Red Touch Media brought custom Skullcandy branded download stations to the Las Vegas Convention Center loaded with music for 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) attendees to sample and enjoy. This solution helped enhance the Skullcandy experience at CES, generated buzz and captured emails for their newsletter.
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Sound City at Sundance

Sound City, the largest international music, digital and film festival and conference in the UK, brought several UK-based bands, including Tea Street Band and Silent Sleep, to Park City, UT for a special 2014 Sundance Film Festival event called “British Night.” Red Touch Media created both a custom webstore for the Sound City website and event kiosks that exclusively featured music from bands that have played the festival before. Sundance attendees hearing these UK bands for the first time were able to walk up to event kiosks and download music and relevant information about them. Additionally, attendees were given gift cards to the Sound City webstore so they could continue their engagement with these artists after the festival wrapped.
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NBC Universal at CES

In a bold move, NBC Universal became the first content company ever to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2008. Their experience and slogan for the show, “Entertainment You Can Touch,” was built around Red Touch Media’s interactive technology. At NBC Universal’s booth, CES attendees were given flash drives to enable them to browse and download NBC’s current entertainment, sports and news content, including exclusive unreleased videos. Red Touch Media’s DRM technology also helped NBC Universal protect and track their exclusive content after it was downloaded. CES attendees were allowed to watch the files but weren’t able to copy or redistribute them. And at NBCU’s request, exclusive content was also “timebombed” and stopped functioning a set number of days after the show closed.

Photos Via Ian Morris, CNET.

If you are interested in learning more about Red Touch Media’s interactive event screen solutions and how they can help power your next event, please contact our Marketing and Business Development teams.