One of the most difficult things for a brand looking to distribute premium digital content (music, movies, eBooks, etc.) either for sale or for promotional purposes, is the licensing process. The fees, minimum guarantees and long-term relationships involved make getting access to premium content very difficult.

That’s where we come in.

Red Touch Media has content. A lot of it. We manage over 2 BILLION content files a month from movie studios, record labels, software creators and publishers. All of this content is already ingested and ready for custom “white label” distribution for you, using our technology platform.

If we don’t have the exact content that you need, just tell us. We can get it. It’s usually just an add-on to an existing agreement.

Red Touch Media has both offices and content deals around the world. We have global licensing agreements, as well as regional ones, including Australia, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia and the United States. And we can make that content available either through our API, or directly to your customers via our technology platform on multiple devices including set top boxes, mobile apps, webstores, kiosks or streaming services.

So if you need content, just let us know.