Content Management & Distribution


Content owners, retailers, and advertisers face complex business challenges when Managing and Distributing their content. Many solutions are available to help solve these challenges, yet there remains a huge gap between merely distributing content and really understanding how consumers are accessing and using that content.

While other systems may simplify management and distribution of content, most of them only distribute that content — they don’t provide a way to understand how it’s being used. In today’s global business environment, companies need to not only get their content from point A to point B quickly, but they also need to know where it’s going and how it is being consumed.

To meet this growing demand for digital content management and smarter distribution, Red Touch Media (RTM) provides the tools to help content owners manage and control their content. In addition, RTM’s solutions can help owners see what happens with their content while protecting and controlling it, all while still allowing customers choice of access. Using the tools that RTM offers, content owners gain insight into:

  • Knowing what people do with content
  • Understanding where and how audiences are consuming content
  • Learning what devices are used to access content
  • Discovering who consumers share content with, and who they talk about it with

Many organizations have the tools to manage and distribute content, but they usually require the use of multiple platforms or tools. They recognize the competitive advantage of understanding and managing content use, but are unable to provide a comprehensive package. With innovative RTM solutions, you can build real connections with your customers in efficient, cost-effective ways via a single platform. RTM’s tools will help you develop, deploy, and deliver information and experiences that meet the diverse needs of both business users and end users.