Red Touch Media’s technology provides our partners with an easy to use platform for accessing licensed content, while maintaining content protection with advanced tracking mechanisms and analytics.

An example of how our analytics add value for your business:

A user makes a purchase from your company and receives a promotional content offer (spend $100, get 5 free song downloads). The user can then redeem the promotional content through a white label webstore integrated into your website or via a custom branded mobile app or an in-store download station.

Using our Red Touch Media’s analytics platform, your company will have the ability to capture data that links a purchase to a particular customer, acquiring insight into methods of optimizing customer incentives to drive repeat purchases. For instance, the customer may have redeemed the first 5 songs of an album, and using the analytics provided through our software, your company may opt to generate a coupon for the rest of the album when the user spends an additional $50-$75 with your company.

Use meaningful analytics to enhance your business’ relationship with its customers!

Red Touch Media’s analytics technology efficiently captures how each individual track was redeemed or purchased and displays relevant ads/coupons/promotions based on that data. We understand the value that our partner’s content brings to customers and we want to leverage that so that everyone in the pipeline benefits from the transaction.