Content API

Do you have your own content distribution system or engineering team? No problem. Red Touch Media’s Content Application Programming Interface (API) was designed exclusively for content fulfillment. It makes it possible for our partners to develop and maintain their own front end applications while we provide an extensive library of content (music, movies and eBooks) and all back end services including:


  • Creating users
  • Generating orders
  • Associating content with orders
  • Wrapping content with DRM
  • Delivering content to consumers

All of these services are offered through an easy-to-use web interface exposing both SOAP and RESTful interfaces. Our content API can easily be integrated into your existing hardware and software applications.

Red Touch Media is committed to helping you get the most out of your content API services, and to make this possible, upon integration we offer tech service to help you get started. Interested in learning how your organization can create new revenue streams by utilizing our content API? Contact our business development team to learn more.