What We Do


Two words: Content + Technology.

Red Touch Media’s business model is simple: We partner with content creators to both supply premium content through our platform as well as help them manage and distribute their content. For over a decade, Red Touch Media has been using our platform to distribute premium digital content including music, movies, books and software for our B2B partners around the world.


Our massive international content library (we manage over 2 BILLION files a month) features everything from Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters to Pilates workouts and independent music. Basically you’ll find everything from Iron Man to Iron Welding for Dummies in our database. We have both the latest and greatest as well as archive media ready to deliver to your customers however, whenever and wherever they want.


We then make that content available on our technology platform for our partners in a variety of ways; including kiosks, webstores, and smart TV and mobile apps. And the best part… we’re a “white label” technology provider. We don’t put our logo on our software or products. We put yours!

New Revenue Opportunities

Whether you’re looking for a new revenue stream for your company or some type of incentive to encourage consumers to take an action, Red Touch Media can make it happen.

Want to…

  • Put a custom music, movie, eBook or software store on your website?
  • Feature digital download kiosks in your retail environment or event?
  • Give a customer a movie after they test your product or watch a promo of your product?
  • Create a custom branded set top box app with just relevant content for your brand?
  • Enable conference attendees to download your content at an event?

The possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, we can build it.

What are you waiting for? Contact our business development team to see what Red Touch Media can do for you.