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At Red Intelligence, we are a custom software development company specializing in the design and development of software for distinctive businesses or business functions that do not fit in to commercially available (“off-the-shelf”) software. Businesses or areas of a business that are very unique often demand custom software development.

Red Intelligence Custom Software Development

Business software can make drastic improvements in many areas of business. It can improve efficiency by streamlining day to day business operations and identifying areas where you can increase productivity, standardize business practices and automate tedious tasks.

Many companies operate based on the structure and limitations of the software they use, running their business in ways they know are inefficient because their current software forces them to use those specific processes. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realize it can be fixed – they simply live with inefficiency and assume that’s the way it is.


Mobile App DevelopmentiOS App-Small

App Development for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Red Intelligence is the most experienced mobile app development company, and we work for startups and corporations. Whether you’re located in Salt Lake City, Utah mobile app development strategy promises to deliver incredible iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows applications.

Our developers take your mobile app idea from concept to delivery. Stop looking overseas for software and mobile application development. We develop your App with more attention to the customer.

Website Development

In today’s technology-centered world, your website is very often the first impression potential customers have of your business, and therefore must capture the user’s attention instantly.

Using the latest technology, our creative artists design cutting-edge websites that are efficient, innovative and distinctive to your business.

Your website will be designed according to your business vision and goals, and will help to create a strong branding message by tying the look and feel together with your corporate logo and other marketing materials.

Throughout the design process, the objective is to create a lasting impression that will maximize your impact on the online world. Red Intelligence has created websites for customers of all sizes and all budgets over a wide variety of industries. Our services are customizable according to your needs and budget.

UI/UX Design

User Interface & User Experience

In order to develop amazing apps for the web and mobile devices, you need to find the most talented UI/UX designers around. The success or failure of an app or software lives and dies with the UI/UX design.

Software Consulting

Purchasing software for your business is an overwhelming process. The decisions alone are often very difficult to make. Now, with emerging mobile technology, the decisions are even harder. Having an experienced IT consulting firm can make the difference between a project’s complete success, and total failure.

Content Management System Design and Development

With highly secure access, instant availability, a well-structured back-end, and no design and usability compromises, content-centric applications built by Red Intelligence are full-featured comprehensive toolset that helps business integrate process and leverage content at every point of your records range.

10 Signs you need better Software:

10. Still using paper forms for ANYTHING? Paper is difficult to control, easily lost and disorganized, and just generally inefficient.

9. Are your employees manually entering the same information more than once? How many times?

8. Do any key business processes depend on Excel spreadsheets? The right software package can transform those spreadsheets into dashboards and reports that can be updated in real time and don’t get lost when one user accidentally hits “delete.”

7. Do customers have to call or email you to find out the status of their order or request?

6. Do your clients still have to mail checks to you? If your clients cannot view and pay invoices online, you’re missing out! Online payment software systems make it easy for customers to submit payments.

5. Do your employees have to do a physical check to find out how much/many of each product is available for sale? Inventory management software saves time and makes it easy to keep track of what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered.

4. Do you have to constantly remind your employees to actually use your current system? Tired of inventing ways it will benefit them? That’s a good indication that the system doesn’t fit their needs.

3. Is important business information only stored locally? (This could include individual employees’ desks, on their workstations, or in their heads.) If so, up to date information is not only difficult to access when it’s needed but there is a much higher chance of it being lost. The right business management software can store the types of information you need to run your business without risking that piece of paper being thrown out or that file being deleted.

2. Speaking of paper and locally stored files, can any key business processes be disrupted when an employee deletes an email or trashes a piece of paper? If you’re afraid to get rid of the clutter, fearing you might need it tomorrow, that’s a pretty good sign that your business could benefit from better software.

1. Are your employees asking you for better tools and systems?

Don’t wait for them to send smoke signals – it’s time to think about better software to help run your business!