Red Touch Media partnered with Sound City – an international music festival rooted in LiverpoolUK – during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Sound City is the largest music and arts festival in the UK, playing host to over 360 artists in 25 venues across the city every summer. The goal of this strategic partnership was to increase international awareness of Sound City by being disruptive but relevant. Here’s a brief summary of our time at Sundance.

Event Touch Screens

Red Touch Media provided Sound City branded media kiosks that were stationed at events across Park City, UT during the 10 days of the Sundance Film Festival including film premiere parties, celebrity poker tournaments, concerts and more. The kiosks featured a collection of featured artists from the festival and offered free downloads encouraging sampling of their music.

Live Music

As a part of Sound City’s activation, two bands, Tea Street Band and Silent Sleep, flew out from the UK and performed at various events. Sundance attendees, hearing these UK bands for the first time were able to walk up to event kiosks and instantly download music and relevant information about them and the festival.

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To continue this relationship with customers after the events concluded, attendees were also given gift cards to the Sound City webstore.

Sound City Webstore

Sound City approached Red Touch Media with a unique need – the ability to host content from hundreds of unsigned indie music artists that perform at their festival each year. To do this, Red Touch Media created a Sound City media store that offers customers an easy-to-use option to purchase music from the festival. Sound City’s custom webstore profile includes pay content and free media including event schedules and promotional materials.
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The webstore architecture is set up to allow customers to enjoy their own “white label” website with Red Touch Media providing all backend services. Using our application framework, companies can add their own branding and any other specialty pages to enhance their customer’s experience.

The Happy Customers

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Overall, Sundance guests were impressed with the kiosks and the extensive selection of content in them. On-site staff were able to help explain the easy-to-use interface, which made for a flawless customer experience.