Protecting our partner’s content is a major priority for Red Touch Media. We can assist you in adding Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to your own content or assist you in protecting and distributing content that you license from a third party.

Video DRM Platform Support

Red Touch Media is a Google Widevine Certified Implementation Partner. We support Google Widevine video DRM as well as PlayReady DRM. We offer the following DRM services:

  • DRM encoding, encryption and file hosting
  • DRM protection for EST (Downloaded content) and VOD (Streaming content)
  • Playback of DRM protected content on the following platforms: IOS, Android, PC, Mac, Windows Phone, Samsung SmartTV, various Set Top Box platforms

eBook DRM Platform Support

Red Touch Media encrypts eBooks with the industry’s strongest DRM utilizing AES 128 encryption and a public/private key pair. This ensures that only those who have purchased your eBook can read it. As the content owner, you specify the number of devices on which a user is permitted to view content in addition to providing an expiration date for the content. The user is able to read the books they have purchased on their PC, Mac, or a variety of mobile devices including iOS, Android and Windows smartphones.

Anti-Piracy Program Participation

To support the entertainment industry’s Anti-Piracy initiatives, Red Touch Media is a participant in the FBI’s Intellectual Property Rights Program. Red Touch Media has plans to participate in other entertainment industry Anti-Piracy initiatives as they become available.

DRM Restriction Capabilities

Red Touch Media supports the following DRM license permissions:

  • Devices permitted for playback (content owner defined)
  • Playlist burns (content owner defined)
  • Days expired after first playback (content owner defined)
  • Plays (content owner defined)
  • Expiration date (content owner defined)

All standards are subject to change based on content owner requirements.