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Founder of Red Touch Media Group, Wayne Scholes has been involved in the music and entertainment industry for more than 20 years as a senior executive and consultant. After 10 years of music industry management, working with top 10 artists and NBA players, Wayne joined the Virgin Entertainment Group as Director for Strategic Marketing for North America where he was responsible for strategic marketing including revenue generation, partnership strategy, traffic initiatives and third party strategic relationships. Recognizing the entertainment industry evolution to digital, Wayne joined a media company as SVP Corporate and Strategic Development where he pioneered digital content deliveries via mobile devices for brands such as SPT and NBC Universal.

In the last several years, Wayne has helped set up a CNN Affiliate news channel in Africa and founded the Red Touch Media Group with operations in Africa, Europe and North America. He is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Board Member for Red Touch Media.

Social Accounts:

Twitter: @WayneScholes
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/waynescholes

Special Powers:

“My ability to jump timezones without getting jetlagged. It’s not unusual for me to be in 4 different locations a week.”

Favorite Movie Scene:

“The whole record toss scene from Shaun Of The Dead.”

Secret Song:

“‘What Does The Fox Say’ by Ylvis. Whenever this video is on in the office I can’t look away.”