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Rob Leighton is a “Proper Scouser,” born in Liverpool, UK. He has been in software development in one form or another for longer than he can remember (Ok, 20+ years!) … He developed the first mass-market public pay-per-use Internet kiosks in the UK as part of a project for British Telecom circa 2001 – the British public were terrified of them! Rob has worked in all sorts of languages through the years, ending up as a C#, WPF developer recently. He currently works as Software Developer for Red Touch Media.

Social Accounts

Twitter: @RobLeighton67

Special Powers

“A mine of trivial nonsense …I can’t help myself, it just lodges itself in my head!”

Favorite Movie Scene

“From Blade Runner, ‘Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shores, burning with the fires of Orc.'”

Secret Song

“No Good Advice by Girls Aloud!”