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Former location of Mike Santiago's desk in his former office :)
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Raised in Laguna Niguel, CA, Mike Santiago began his career working for ADP where he provided a broad spectrum of technology based data processing solutions to companies in Southern California. He later moved on to work for ReachLocal, where he was recruited to drive solution sales of ReachLocal’s best in class digital advertising technology. While at ReachLocal, Mike generated $1,346,303 in advertising revenue and ranked #1 in book growth and advertising revenue in the Orange County region surpassing ReachLocal sales objectives by 141%. He also achieved #3 ranking in global sales for revenue growth in 2011.

Mike is a fiercely competitive and passionate sales professional with 8+ years of demonstrated success and a proven record of high-performing sales experience. He is currently serving as VP of Business Development at Red Touch Media. His current responsibilities include generating revenue through direct sales, managing and providing tactical sales support to sales teams in Africa, U.K. and Salt Lake City,UT overseeing revenue & channel strategy, partner acquisitions, hiring and training top talent, and strategic direction of the business development division.

Social Accounts

Twitter: @michaelsanti
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikesantiago1

Special Powers

“I would have power mimicry. This would allow me to copy or absorb another’s powers or skills, so I could swim as fast as Michael Phelps, direct movies as impeccably as Martin Scorsese, or write as well as Ernest Hemingway.”

Favorite Movie Scene

“‘Are you going to bark all day little doggy, or are you going to bite?’ from Reservoir Dogs.”

Secret Song

“Triumph by Wu-Tang Clan.”