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Mike Cunningham grew up in Utah County, and currently resides in Heber City. He has the heart of a cowboy, though his wife doesn’t think he acts like one. Mike has been in love with his soulmate, Kim, ever since he laid eyes on her – just like a sappy love story. The two of them have built a good life for themselves with two of the finest young boys any young couple could ask for. Mike’s father taught him valuable skills that have guided him to his current career as Field Operations Manager for Red Touch Media. These skills have allowed him to go far in virtually everything he has put his mind to.
Mike has a strong mind towards honesty and a good work ethic. He enjoys long walks on the beach like anyone else, and if need to ask him what he would choose between a chick flick and an action film, you don’t know him very well.

Social Accounts

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mrmikecunningham

Special Powers

“I am an extremely good looking, mechanically inclined, over achieving underdog. My special powers are bound by a law which prohibits discussion.”

Favorite Movie Quote

“I have to go, it’s the Woman.”

Secret Song

“Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle!”