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About Red Touch MediaRed Touch Media connects content owners, advertisers, retailers and consumers to premium digital content via the world’s most innovative distribution platform.

We provide content owners with a reliable, secure solution to manage and deliver all digital media assets to their audiences and clients.

Advertisers and retailers can target consumers through user content preference and downloads.

  • Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah; satellite offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Johannesburg, with plans to expand to Europe and Asia in 2013
  • International clients and customers, including the U.S., South Africa, Hong Kong and Dubai
  • Key content partners include: NBC Universal, Warner Music Group, Sony Pictures, EMI, Universal Music Group, Disney, Paramount Pictures
  • Key retail partners include: Dave & Busters, HMV and …Can you add 1 more?
Fun Facts
Red Touch Media powers content and entertainment businesses in the digital age
We provide a central platform for content owners, retailers, and advertisers to distribute and manage all forms of digital content and directly connect with audiences.
Red Touch Media pioneered digital content management, delivering the first full-length motion picture to a mobile device at CES in 2008.
Today we serve the world’s largest content owners providing secure distribution of content and managing more than 2 Billion files every month.
With our global network of retail kiosks, branded content and web store portals, and mobile solutions, we connect content owners, retailers and advertisers to our 3 million-user database.
Our proprietary content matching technology interfaces with our facial recognition capabilities streamlining content distribution and reducing costs to produce, manage and distribute content.