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Employee Relations and Development Manager sought by Red Touch Media, Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT to apply principles of psychology to the Company’s human resources, administration and management problems; coach the Company’s executives and managers and develop training programs for management; develop and implement training and development programs, applying principles of learning and individual differences; evaluate the effectiveness of training and development programs; study the emotional and social well-being of the Company by observing, interpreting and recording how employees relate to one another and the environment and recommending appropriate modifications; interview existing personnel and conduct regional on-site observations to determine human resource needs, including assessing redundancy, repurposing employees based on skills, recruitment and performance rewards; evaluate aptitude, personality or performance testing of recruits to predict those behaviors and characteristics in candidates that will lead to success within the Company; identify employees’ thoughts, emotions, feelings, or behaviors and develop action plans regarding the best way to beneficially influence employees’ behavior and performance; implement strategic organizational change to increase productivity and employee satisfaction; help employees to deal with problems ranging from short-term personal issues that may affect their performance to severe or chronic performance issues; counsel employees to identify strengths and weaknesses; oversee staff training and development, including assessment of the need for training, alignment of any training with the Company’s goals and values, and creation of applicable training materials; support current and future business needs through development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital; advise management/executive team on employee benefits and compensation, including alternative schemes, to achieve a high level of employee retention and ensure competitiveness in the market; coordinate the management of employee pay structure and benefit plans, including retirement plans, health insurance, leave plan, wellness programs, charitable contributions and other benefits offered by the Company; direct and coordinate programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees; develop and implement employee selection, assessment and placement programs; administer and interpret Psychometric Assessments in a variety of cultural contexts for employee selection, hiring and training; research and analyze job requirements and content to establish criteria for classification, selection, training and other related personnel functions.

Requires Master’s or foreign equivalent degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology or related field, plus four (4) years of experience in the job offered, or as Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist or related occupation, including coaching executives and managers of companies and developing training programs for management; developing and implementing training and development programs, and evaluating the effectiveness of such programs; implementing strategic organizational change to increase productivity and employee satisfaction; advising management on employee benefits and compensation to ensure employee retention and competitiveness in the market; developing and implementing employee selection, assessment and placement programs; and administrating and interpreting Psychometric Assessments.

To apply, please send resume to Legal@redtouchmedia.com