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Max Quinney LFC
Max Quinneymax3Max Quinney

Content Manager Max Quinney was born in Idaho. He has survived the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama years (so far). Max studied Information Technology and General Education at 2 Community Colleges and a now defunct trade school. He speaks 2+ foreign languages/dialects from the islands of the Philippines.

Max has lived in regions of California, Idaho and Utah at different periods of his life. He also served in the Philippines as a Mormon missionary.

Social Accounts

Twitter: @max2k
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/maxquinney

Special Powers

“Media Critic. Street Brawler. Psychic. Ghost Hunter. Paranormal Enthusiast. I’m very humble considering my many many talents, a few of which are: writing, storytelling, composing music, mediocre musical instrumentalist, amateur life drawing artist, geography, math, and blogging etc. I’m athletic but not a superstar. I’m also a fanatic about Origin of Man/Life/Knowledge subject matter.”

Favorite Quote

Napoleon Dynamite

Secret Song

“That’d be In the Ashes by Late Night Alumni.”