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Jonny Rigby
Jonny Rigby at a Los Angeles Angels GameThe Red Touch Media Team Visits the Los Angeles AngelsJonny Rigby

Jonny Rigby was born in South Korea and currently resides in Bountiful, UT. He is fluent in English, Italian, and 1337 5P34K. He currently serves as QA Manager for Red Touch Media. Jonny previously worked as a professional PC gamer and poker rounder. During his life he has won the following awards: 1 Year Safe Driving – FedEx, voted Most Likely To Never Move Out Of My Parents House. Jonny lists his biggest accomplishments as moving out of his parents’ house, and being pulled over for speeding at age 12… on his rollerblades.

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Special Powers

“I can see people who wear camouflage clothing. I can golf 18 holes without using profanity. And I am able to watch Titanic without crying.”

Favorite Television Scene

“‘Bring us your finest food stuffed with your second finest food,’ from The Simpsons.

Secret Song

“I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift.