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An incredibly useful, yet optional feature, with Red Touch Media’s interactive event screen or kiosk solution is the addition of a smart camera and our Demographic Profiling software.

A camera can be embedded into a kiosk that feeds image data about the user. Our smart imaging technology can then identity the kiosk users’ gender and approximate age and then use that information to display more relevant advertising or promotional content. This creates a more relevant experience and stronger connection with the user without requiring them to login or disclose any personal information about themselves.

Here are some examples of how our Demographic Profiling can be used to display relevant content to users.

Location: Film Awards Show


  • User: Mid-20’s
  • Content: Compilation video of best new actress nominees
  • Banners: “Vote for your Favorite Now!”
Location: Retail


  • User: Mid-40’s
  • Content: Classic rock music video
  • Banners: “Adult Multivitamins 20% off, Aisle 4”
Location: Conference


  • User: Mid-30’s
  • Content: Women’s networking event sizzle reel
  • Banners: “Register for the Next Event”