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skullcandy logoRed Touch Media attended the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 with our partner Skullcandy. Our mission: Help encourage sampling of their new CRUSHER headphones with built-in subwoofers. The CRUSHER headphones have “Bass That You Can Feel” and require users to try them to get the full experience. To help encourage sampling of the headphones, Red Touch Media’s platform let CES attendees keep whatever song they wanted to use to test-drive the headphones. After listening to their song with the headphones, CES attendees got to download an MP3 to a USB stick as a souvenir of their experience with the CRUSHER headphones.
Red Touch Media’s “white label” software was branded with Skullcandy’s logo and colors and then placed in their CES booth for use by visitors. Here’s a brief summary of our time at CES:

Interview with Red Touch Media CEO Wayne Scholes
The Cold, Hard Facts
Our Work
The Happy Customers

Interview with Red Touch Media CEO Wayne Scholes

Jessica Nin (Productionhub): What was your main objective in attending CES 2014 and partnering up with Skullcandy while in attendance?

Wayne Scholes: We had a great time with Skullcandy at CES. Skullcandy is one of the most well known brands in the world. It’s really quite impressive how fast their company has grown. It’s hard to walk into any retail environment without seeing their products. But they are also one of the most innovative audio technology companies in the industry. Their new Crusher headphones… I mean, wow. You have to hear it to believe it. So for our CES execution with Skullcandy, we decided to enhance two core elements of their brand: innovation and audio.

What good is a new pair of headphones or speakers without something to listen to? To help show off some of Skullcandy’s hardware, we brought some custom Skullcandy branded download stations to Vegas loaded with music for CES attendees to sample or enjoy on Skullcandy hardware. Although they were originally designed for retail environments, our download stations are always a huge hit at conferences and events.

And then to help showcase Skullcandy’s innovation, we brought our popular video interview series, The Future of Content, to their booth. The Future of Content is a video interview series where professionals who manage, produce, market and create technology to distribute content share what their individual organizations are doing and what they have planned for the future. We’ve published 200 videos with top executives from some of the industry’s biggest brands including TiVo, Turner, Star Wars, NBC, The New York Times, and AOL.

The series is part of a brilliant brand journalism strategy by our marketing team and it has been an eye-opening experience. In just a year, we’ve heard some amazing insights from everyone from Star Wars creator George Lucas, to NATPE president, Rod Perth. And at CES we had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest influencers in the consumer electronics industry and ask them how they are using content to connect with their target audiences and amplify brand messaging. Skullcandy was the perfect host and we hope to work with them again.

The Cold, Hard Facts

Red Touch Media’s Skullcandy branded media kiosk was stationed in Skullcandy’s booth at CES 2014 for a grand total of 3 full days. It was a hit among attendees, getting them to hang out in the booth providing further opportunities for staff to have meaningful business conversations. Over 5,000 songs were sampled using CRUSHER headphones over 4 days.

Our Work

At CES 2014, Red Touch Media set up a media kiosk right in the heart of the product demo area of Skullcandy’s booth. From the moment attendees approached the kiosk, they were greeted with a fully branded Skullcandy experience. From the opening screensaver to the moment attendees collected their purchase on their Red Touch Media provided flash drives, guests were continually exposed to Skullcandy branding and promotional messaging.


Skullcandy used CES as a means to make a big push for their Crusher headphones – the ones with the bass you can feel. Red Touch Media furthered this mission by displaying banner ads for the brand on the kiosk’s different screens.

The Happy Customers

The whole event was a total success with 90+ CES attendees leaving the Skullcandy booth with music, movies and eBooks to enjoy on their trip home from Las Vegas. Guests were impressed with the extensive selection of content in the kiosks and found it to be a natural extension of the Skullcandy brand.